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For Schools & Teachers

Do you wish to spend less time with admin efforts? Focus more on your student's education? Providing a successful future to your students with the world's most recognised exams and tests is important for your schools' recognition and image. By working with other experts and education professionals, we can combine our strengths to offer learners enhanced quality, choice and opportunity.

If you are looking for... reliable partner for all, less admin efforts, enhanced exam prep and quality, you are in the right place. There are many different reasons to choose Swiss Exams as your partner.

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Together we inspire learners to go further

Globally recognised exams provide your students with certain success for their future. It is as easy as that. The exams and tests we provide open doors to higher education and improve employment opportunities nationally and internationally.

If you decide to provide world-wide recognised exams, you strengthen your position and recognition as a school. Offering certified exams for your students, also ensures the programme you offer at your school is attractive to prospective students.

Why should you think about your students´ future language education?

The internationally recognised exams provide your students with important benefits such as:

  • Entry recognition for prestigious universities worldwide. Our exams are recognised by more than 20,000 universities, employers and governments worldwide. The certificates show clear evidence of the language skill level.
  • CV upgrade and better opportunities in the job market. 70% of job adverts in Europe indicate a command of English as a requirement for the job. (Source: Cambridge Assessment English)
  • Work or study abroad. Many well-known and internationally active organisations recognise these certificates as proof of your language skills. In Switzerland, this recognition is particularly broad: for example, our exams are taken as part of commercial training and the vocational baccalaureate. At tertiary level, they are commonly used as proof of the required language skills at universities such as the ETH, the École Hôtelière de Lausanne and the University of St. Gallen. Swiss and European companies such as SWISS, ABB, Zürcher Kantonalbank, Credit Suisse, pwc, Microsoft, Roche are very familiar with our exams and take these certificates into account when recruiting.
  • Work well in stress- and time-related situations. Certificates not only prove the language skill competence, they also submit proof of extra effort and achievement under time pressure and hence have no shelf-life.

Benefit from our partnership

Students sitting on blue chairs in an computer-based exam room. They are taking an exam with Swiss Exams, the expert in exam management in Switzerland.

By working with us as a partner, teachers will have more time to focus on their students' education and exam preparation. We provide:

  • Swiss Exams Access
  • Swiss Exams Skills
  • Swiss Exams Academy
  • Expertise in computer-based testing, fast results, on-site exams, enhanced exam registration and exam experience
  • Teacher Training: free teacher training and teacher community events, webinars and seminars (some of them are exclusively for our partner schools)
  • Support with teaching materials, exam preparation, exam changes, events and marketing material
  • 20% discount on exam preparation material from our online shop

We are here to support you

The Swiss Exams office team in the computer-based exam room.

Why choose Swiss Exams? We are the leading experts in conducting exams in Switzerland. We offer a comprehensive range of services, all conveniently available from a single source. As a steadfast partner, we remain dedicated to our core values: Quality, Reliability, and Accessibility. This commitment has been our guiding principle for over three decades and will continue to define our approach in the future.

Advantages for Swiss Exams clients

Read what our partners say and also put your trust in Swiss Exams. You will benefit from exclusive advantages.

  • First-class consulting expertise. Rely on our many years of experience in business as well as our references, over 800 partnerships with schools and organisations.
  • Needs-oriented solutions for your school/organisation. We advise you and together we find solutions for your organisation. To name just a few: exams on the computer, on-site exams at your premises, online assessment.
  • National & international recognition for your school. With a full page entry as recommended preparation partner school on our website, you will gain more visibility for your school. Additionally, you receive exclusive rights to use logos provided from us for your website.
  • Efficient administration. We take the administrative burden off your shoulders. Our self-developed tool Swiss Exams Access is a great help to all of us: Your school/organisation, your teachers, your students and us as your partner.
  • Exam specific benefits. As a Swiss Exams partner, you benefit from advantages such as group/block registration, user-friendly registration processes, Swiss Exams Access, collective billing, late registration, exams on the computer or paper, free events, Retake-option and more!

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The tool for schools saves time and effort

Would you like to have more time to support your students individually in their exam preparation? And would you like to reduce your admin efforts? Continue reading because you ended up in the right place with the tool for schools Swiss Exams Access - School Access. This will make your life easier and gives you more time for what's really important for you and your students.

Four blue bubbles connected showing the system and interconnectivity of the Swiss Exams Access Tool for schools and candidates.

Swiss Exams Skills


How can we prepare for future jobs or make people ready for future skills? The job market is changing and modern skills are needed. Swiss Exams Skills is here to prepare learners to face the future with the right skills. Swiss Exams is in the process of offering more of these modern skills so that you can either add them to your school's offer or task your students to take them individually.

Swiss Exams Academy

With the heavy load of school subjects at secondary and vocational schools, commercial schools, gymnasiums, and higher education institutions, it can be an additional burden to have to prepare for the Cambridge English Exams. This becomes a problem for students and teachers as the time is not available in the regular English lessons to cover what would be very important to know for a successful exam result. For this reason, we have created the Swiss Exams Academy: A targeted and individualised support course for learners.

Girl with braids and long dark hair sitting on a cushion. She has her laptop in her hands and is taking the exam preparation course by Swiss Exams "Swiss Exams Academy".

For Secondary Schools

Mädchen und Jungs in einem Klassenzimmer im Englisch-Schulunterricht.

By working with other experts and education professionals, we can combine our strengths to offer learners enhanced quality, choice and opportunity. Have a look at our services and solutions specifically for secondary schools, commercial schools, vocational schools and gymnasiums.

For Higher Education and Corporate

We offer the world's most reliable and recognised examinations and tests for admissions, progression and graduation in higher education and the corporate sector. Read on to learn why you should recognise them as well and how your organisation and your graduates/employees benefit.


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