Remote proctoring: Online exam security and AI-driven cheating prevention

Remote proctoring: Online exam security and AI-driven cheating prevention

What are the most pressing concerns for teachers regarding remote proctored language assessments? Predominantly, these revolve around cheating and identity verification. Artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role in addressing both challenges. Let's explore how AI-enhanced remote proctoring tackles these critical issues.

Remote proctoring: Online exam security and AI-driven cheating prevention

Identity verification: Proctor or system assisted with AI twist

Stringent identity verification measures are key for ensuring the integrity of online exams. Test-takers undergo a comprehensive onboarding process to confirm their identity before the exam begins. Two primary options are available: proctor-assisted onboarding and system-assisted onboarding.

In proctor-assisted onboarding, a live proctor guides test-takers through steps such as photo identification, room scans, and desk checks, providing real-time approval at each stage. This method is particularly crucial for high-stakes online exams where the test-taker-to-proctor ratio is low.

Conversely, system-assisted onboarding allows test-takers to complete the verification process independently. This option is suitable for lower-stakes online exams or scenarios with a higher test-taker-to-proctor ratio.

Additionally, there could also bean AI solution for onboarding, which will crosscheck test-taker identity with a database and provide feedback on the quality of submitted photos and videos, further enhancing identity verification protocols.

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Cheating prevention and detection

Cheating prevention is a critical issue in remote proctored language assessments, where advanced artificial intelligence (AI) plays a pivotal role. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithms monitor test-taker behaviour in real-time, flagging suspicious activities such as excessive movements, unauthorized device usage, or irregular gaze patterns.

How does flagging work exactly? Proctors receive immediate alerts for intervention, ensuring exam integrity is maintained throughout the assessment. Additionally, the remote proctoring review functionality allows exam footage to be reviewed post-session, enabling further analysis and identification of potential misconduct.

These robust cheating prevention and detection mechanisms are essential in safeguarding the validity and fairness of online exams, ensuring that all participants are held to the same standards.

Bonus: How to solve personal data collection and storage

Prioritizing data security and privacy is crucial in managing potentially sensitive information, including video and audio recordings and personal identification data. Regarding remotely proctored exams, test-takers' data can be stored either on provider servers in Europe or directly on the client's (schools) servers, offering flexibility and customization based on individual preferences and regulatory requirements.

Compliance with GDPR regulations is ensured, with test-takers providing consent through necessary preliminary terms and conditions before the exam begins. This approach ensures that data is handled responsibly and transparently, maintaining trust and confidence in online language assessment solutions.

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